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    Chongqing Zongxue Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and located in Degan Industrial Park of Jiangjin District, Chongqing, China. We are a large scale and professional manufacturer, specialized in producing and processing forgings, like gas turbine shaft, steam turbine shaft, forged boiler parts, forged generator parts, hydraulic turbine parts, main shaft, main axis, valve, flange, bearing bush, wind power shaft.

    The Company is well-equipped with a variety of large-scale processing and manufacturing equipments, including CNC lathes, gantry milling machines, grinding machines, boring machines, lathes, drilling and other equipments, processing a wide range of completed vehicles, milling, drilling, grinding, stamping, welding and dozens of heat treatment and other process requirements, from forging to finished processing a range of supporting services, high precision, stable quality.

    The company has strong technical assistance, with more than 50 senior managers and senior engineers, research and development of products related to thermal power, hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, military, building materials industry. For users to develop the 100MW thermal power heat-resisting steel forging a successful alternative to imported products.

    Enterprise's tenet: Integrity creates well-known brand, while concept creates value. Also we take the maximum demand of customers as our own responsibility

    After-sales service: Chongqing Zongxue Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has a group of professionally trained teammates to serve you within 24 hours. When you encounter problems, our after-sale technical support staff will find the most effective solution in the shortest possible time to solve your problems.

    100% QUALITY ENSURANCE AND 100% SATISFACTION! It's what we aim to do.


    Tel: +86 23 47852756
    Fax: +86 23 47852646
    E-mail: export@zongxue.com.cn
    Add: Degan Industrial Park, Jiangjin Dist., Chongqing, China

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